Colourful canteen with Smartpanel

The canteen needed upgrading and with a limited schedule, Smartpanel was the perfect solution. Easy to install and easy to maintain. All inventories was stripped out, and ready-painted Smartpanel Trend boards in the colours Mountain Grey, Silver Grey and Only Orange was fitted throughout. Smart Renovation Beadings was used around the windows and also saved a lot of time, as there was then no need to replace old reveals. 

 Smartpanel Trend is used on all walls, Smartpanel Kitchen above the kitchen counter, the kitchen is from IKEA, lamps from Colors By Copenhagen and clock from Tempo Clock by Magis. The picture on the wall is printed straight onto a Smartpanel board.

Smartpanel Trend på vegg, Smartpanel Kitchen over kjøkkenbenken, kjøkkeninnredning fra IKEA, lamper fra Colors By Copenhagen og klokke fra Tempo Clock by Magis. Bildet på veggen er printet rett på en Smartpanelplate.