Smartpanel Customer

Nordic Wood Ltd. - a company based in Surrey, England, who build high quality bespoke timber garden rooms and amenity buildings now offer Smartpanel as their standard internal finishing. Their Scandinavian, fully insulated Nordic Room that used to have untreated pine walls, now come ready decorated with the client's choice of Smartpanel.


 In addition, they have chosen to upgrade the pine flooring to our second-generation laminate flooring that come with a 30-year domestic guarantee.  


Here is what they have to say about us: 


"The Smartpanel system is not just stylish to look at but surprisingly easy to install, saving time for our carpenters. The clever thing is that they are pre coloured and come in 60cm wide X 240cm tall panels that click together like a click floor. The fact that the Smartpanel come in a variety of profiles and colours, presents our clients with the possibility of personalising their Nordic Room." - Tess White, Marketing Director.